Episode 4 people

Episode 4 people






Underwater Knee-High Girls plus

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ME: *Explaining that when you take your GF/BF/SO out to dinner and buy them a present and the night ends in sex it is kind of like legal prostitution*

BARTENDER: That isn’t true I’ve had sex with a lot of broke guys.


— Wisdom spoken at the local bar





I lost it at 0:21

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The Dance that is sweeping the world by storm!

The Dance that is sweeping the world by storm!


My First Opinion ‘Dreadnought’

Wandering around Pax i came across a smaller booth. On the large screens around it there were a number of large space craft firing just as large lasors and missiles at each other. At this moment I was greatly intrigued. The game I happened to discover was Dreadnought. The game is being published by Greybox and developed by Yager. Along with making this game they are also working on Dead Island two. A past work of theirs is Spec Ops: The Line. So just to say the story of this game is going to be awesome. Though that isn’t the only person writing the story for this just beautiful looking game. Dan Abnett well known favorite author of many of the series in the Warhammer 40K universe is going to be on the team as well adding his pen to the story.

You choose one of multiple classes each being a different type of ship and go to battle with fellow ship captains in a team death match. Each ship has different abilities other than their basic weapons. Some examples are tactical nuke, cloak, and emp pulse. They put in a lot of effort on how the ships move and animations of all the weapons and thrusters firing when you turn and fire. One feature that right now I am in love with is that at anytime you can divert power to one of three main systems weapons, shields, and engines. Doing so consumes energy that some ships use for their beam weapons and after time you have to stop and let the reserves charge up again. This is so fun to be under fire throwing everything to thrusters to dive into the canyon of a planet to get away from the fire fight. 

Sadly this game is still in pre-alpha and talking to one of the devs from Yager they will move onto a closed beta so it will be a while till we see this amazing gem of a game. I was very happy to here from the dev though that when asked about what this game is and is it just going to be a multiplayer game he responded with telling me that it will be an aspect, but no where near the whole game. I am very happy to hear that here will be a great story to this because there is so much you can do with a game world like this. 

Ok that is all the gushing I am going to do about this game. I am keeping an eye on this one and I suggest the rest of you do as well. 



We go forward, we continue to go forward even so
Because we still have the hearts to believe in something

See if this was representative of my own personal save of this game all of them would be wearing Aviator sunglasses.

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Meet the Blogger: Autochthonexalt

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  • First Words That Come To Mind: Tentacles 
  • What I last Said To Family Members: "I’m well aware that you watch football."
  • One Place That Makes Me Happy & Why: Being in my bedroom. It is a place that i can go to recharge after a long day of just dealing with the world.
  • How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: I sleep under 2 blankets
  • Favorite Beverage: That would be Wild Cherry Pepsi
  • The Last Movie I Watched In Cinimas: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Three Things I Can’t Live Without: Books, Computer, PS3
  • Something I Plan On Learning: How to design a website
  • A Pierce Of Advice To My Followers: Don’t worry about being a geek or nerd we basically rule the damn planet when we are older.
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My first opinion of Battlecry

Alright so Pax Prime was almost a week ago and I was able to get some games checked out between running demos for Paizo. So now that I’ve had a bit of time to recuperate from the total exhaustion of a con weekend I’ll write up a little bit about what I saw and played.

So first of is one of Bethesda’s new multiplayer games Battlecry. I was lucky enough to get a round of this game in with a crew of Magic guys when we were seeing the con with our exhibitor badges. This game mode we played was a super fast capture point. The only down side I found to this game was at the time I was not able to find the key to change classes between deaths so I could only try out the archer class. I’m sure there was a key to do that I just couldn’t find it. I had a lot of fun with this game running from point to point capturing and protecting area’s from the enemy team. Each class was very well defined in their role and each had very cool abilities that made them each stand apart. The animation of the moves along with movement around the map was very fast and smooth and fun which for a game is kind of important. 

I don’t have a lot to say against this game really it is a very fun well balanced game to me though I only played one round so I might not be totally sure on that fact. There were still 2-3 other classes that were not available when we played so I do not know how those will effect the final product. The only thing I have against this game is I’m not very sure of the animation of the deaths. When you die you can be totally bisected if the final cut is done with a large sword like the one shown above. This reminded me a lot of the explosion deaths in TF2 where your body parts flew all over the map. I think those kinds of deaths work in TF2 because it matches the over all over the top tone of it. Battlecry’s world that I know so far seems to be a little more one the serious side and the flying body parts to me don’t seem to fit. That is the only small little nit pick thing I didn’t like about the game and it is something i can just basically ignore.

Overall this looks like an awesome game and I can’t wait for it to come out. If you haven’t seen anything about this I would suggest looking up some of the trailers.